The Train Has Left the Station

Ok, I’m giving this a try for the very first time, send me all of your best wishes and all the luck you can muster, I’ve never written a blog before.

My name is Michelle Roberts and I decided to start a small company specifically for brides who are like me! I just got married last year and as a graphic designer, I was lucky enough to be able to save a little cash and create everything myself. But WOW it takes a ton of time. If I knew all the little signage and paper items I would have had to create earlier than I did, I would have been wayyy less stressed.

But ya know, our wedding was fabulous and marrying my husband, Kyle, was the most memorable and loving moment of my entire life. Now we’re back to reality, and I realized I wanted to take control of my design destiny, leave my 9-5 job and be creative again. I left my lead graphic designer position to get back into creating more fun things for people however I want, WHENEVER I want. It’s pretty awesome. It also takes a lot of self-motivation and time at my laptop, but that part I’m used to anyways.

Anywhoo, my goal here is to help stressed-out brides with creating the most beautiful invitations, programs, menus, favors, venue signage and whatever other little paper items may come with your big day. I’m happy to work with whatever budget you have tucked away for your paper goods, it may be worth it for you to shift some of that money around to take that worry off of your shoulders. Let’s chat!


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