5 Things I Wish I Knew…

As I was drifting off to sleep and counting sheep last night (who does that?), I was reminiscing about our wedding, or rather, the things I wish I would have done. First of all, I am the type of person who obsesses over details like this, I guarantee nobody else knew anything went wrong, but as the bride and groom, WE SURE KNEW IT!

1. Hire a Personal Wedding Planner.
Yes, I know it sounds expensive, but MAN the week before the wedding was sooo stressful with way too many minute details that we couldn’t keep track of. There was an assigned venue coordinator, but I wish we would have hired someone just for me to know exactly what was going on in my head and make it happen. I didn’t realize that oh, once we’re at the venue, I can’t place things exactly where I want. I had to meticulously LABEL everything so people would know where to put it. And things got out of order and placed in the wrong spots, the schedule got off, and we had to finish our photos after the ceremony… Again, the guests would never know. But it really did bother me and my husband.

The months of visualizing where you want things to go and POOF! Forget that, sister. The venue staff will place those tables where it’s easiest. If I had hired someone to be in charge of that venue map and all the decor and the schedule, I think we would have been much more successful. And less stressed out.

2. Plan Out Signage Sooner.
About three days before the wedding, we realized we needed signs inside the venue so people would know where to go and which table is the gift table vs. the remembrance table vs. the guestbook table vs. the Harry Potter Candy table, etc. Wow, it would have been so nice to have thought about that sooner! I think the signs could have been much nicer, but in a pinch, they ended up working out great. This is where I would love to help other brides plan this out sooner and take some of that stress away. I know which questions to ask you to make sure you get the signage you need and have it match your theme. Feel free to contact me for pricing.

3. Ensure Whoever is Picking Up Your Cake Knows What it Looks Like.
Yep, we got the wrong wedding cake. It was delicious, but the colors were completely off and didn’t match our theme (hand smacks forehead). Not trying to play the blame game here, but the person who picked up our wedding cake for us from Costco should have checked inside the box before bringing it to the venue. We should have shown him a picture of what it was supposed to look like and maybe even had him text a picture of the cake before transporting it to the venue. Somebody else out there got a beautiful white buttercream textured cake while we were stuck with one that had ugly gold glitter flakes… and our accent was silver with a few rose gold items. Whoops! Our florist did the best she could with what we had.

4. Communicate With Your ENTIRE Family.
Unfortunately, there was a bit of miscommunication about family photos before our ceremony. Somehow, only about half of our side of the family was there! Luckily, we were already behind and had to finish the photos after the ceremony so it worked out in the end. But I think if we had a wedding planner, this might have solved most of this issue as well. But communication really is key, we sent the invites and groom’s dinner info… but nothing about picture times (that was just word of mouth). So if you’re planning a wedding and reading this, note to self: Text/call/write to every single family member confirming picture times.

5. Start Waxing Earlier.
This is a strict female-only zone so if you’re a dude, maybe pass on this last tip. I mean, unless you’re into waxing your lip and bikini line, that’s cool too.

So for our wedding, I thought I had a good beauty schedule planned out until I realized I didn’t want beads of sweat hanging off the tiny blonde hairs that grow out of my upper lip during any part of the day. Solution: lip wax! But wait, it was only three weeks before D-Day. I consulted a local esthetician and she recommended waxing just a couple of days before the wedding (just like my bikini wax). The problem is, the last few times I waxed my upper lip I got a few pimples there because I have sensitive skin. It would have been SO nice to have thought about that earlier in order to have time for a couple of test-runs. That way, I would’ve had way less worry about any kind of breakout.

Same thing for a bikini wax. I don’t get waxed that often because of the expense, and if I would have done a few test runs throughout the year, I could have been much happier. I would have been able to make my appointment at the best place in town (which I go to now) instead of the unfortunate place I was left with that hurt like hell. Do some practice runs ladies, it’s worth it!

Conclusion: Yes there are a ton of little things I wish we could have done differently, but at the end of the day, our wedding was so much fun and I’m happy to be married to the man of my dreams <3 The great thing is, now I can share all of my advice with you brides out there to make YOUR wedding even more fabulous!

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