How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

The phrase “custom wedding invitations” sounds super scary. Will it be tens of thousands of dollars??? No. I am here to calm your worries and to let you know there are ways to save a little here and there, depending on what kind of bride you are.

Do you love foil stamping, die cut or something super fancy like this (above)? Then yes, expect to spend a LOT on the printing costs for your invite. But here’s the thing, the design portion won’t cost you anything more. So really, hiring a custom wedding designer is not going to break the bank, but the printing cost might.

For the DESIGN specifically, you can expect to spend anywhere from $500–$2500 for just the wedding invite. It really depends on your vision and how much time the designer expects to spend creating your invite. If you have a ton of signage, a menu, seating chart, programs, etc. (see list of services) to go along with the invite, there will be time and cost added on top of that initial invite cost, but the great part is you won’t have to worry nearly as much as creating everything yourself. Let the designer take care of it!

PRINTING costs can range from $120 to $3,000 for invites + envelopes. Seriously. It’s all about how many you print, the sizing, the quality of paper, the number of folds, if you want die-cut, foil-stamp, letterpress… there are a million options. If you have no idea what to do, talk to a designer and we can help you narrow down what will fit your style, vision, and budget for your big day.

So how can you save on cost? K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid). For my own wedding invitations, we knew we didn’t printing costs to get crazy, so we chose to do a simple 5×7 flat invitation on white paper. I wanted to spend more time making the design look perfect rather than the printing be fancy. This could be a great option for you! Make a list, what are your top priorities for your wedding stationery? Do you want to spend more on the printing process to make it look fancy, or the design process, or both? It’s totally up to you.

Cost breakdown estimates:
• K.I.S.S. printing with simple custom design: $720
• K.I.S.S. printing with time-intensive custom design: $2,620
• Elaborate printing with simple custom design: $3,500
• Elaborate printing with time-intensive custom design: $5,500


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