3 Tips to Save You $$$ Working With a Professional Invitation Designer

Making that decision to work with a custom designer can be so nerve-racking. How much will that final bill be? Are there going to be any surprise costs? How many hours are they spending? EEK!

But seriously, you have nothing to worry about. A responsible designer should fully walk you through their process and pull together a project proposal with a timeline so there are no big surprises. They should also make sure you know the ways that can make their time working with you more efficient just like these:

Save a Pinterest Board of Your Dream Style
This is your time to PIN PIN PIN! Just go crazy and create a bunch of boards on Pinterest. This will help you define your personal wedding style. Once you have spent some time compiling a bunch of visual inspiration, go back through and choose 10-15 of your absolute favorites. Sharing a handful of your favorite style pins with your designer is going to help them be more efficient in matching the style you are drawn to. Therefore, they won’t need to spend as much time re-doing anything because you’ll most likely love the first round of options you receive!

Prepare the Correct Information
Check out how other wedding invitations are worded. Which variations are you and your partner drawn to? Also, think about whether you need to include an RSVP card or if you prefer a details card directing people to your website. It’s important to figure out the number of printed items and what you want them to say before the designer gets started. The language can be tweaked later, but it will make the process faster to receive all of the information and wording ahead of time. It may also be helpful to send a link to your venue’s website to ensure the designer has the correct address and info. Your chosen venue also has a lot to do with the style of your wedding so it would be nice to share that with your designer.

Respond Respectfully
Communication is key when somebody else is designing your beloved wedding stationery. The designer will probably send you 3-5 options in the first round. This is where you should really take your time to digest the designs and talk with your partner, mom, dad, grandparents… whoever you’d like to get opinions from. This is your chance to provide consolidated feedback, especially if you have a lot of changes. Get everything done in the first round! If you’re not digging gold foil, don’t wait until round two to tell the designer. Kindly let them know that you would prefer another visual treatment. If you have something very specific in mind, be sure to send along an example so your designer interprets your feedback correctly.

As you might be able to tell, saving money with a custom wedding stationery designer is all about saving them time. If you can be efficient with your ideas, style, and feedback, your designer will love you, and so will your budget!


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