Advice Cards You’ll Actually Want to Keep

Have you been searching for something fun for your guests to do at the dinner tables at your reception? For our wedding, we knew there was going to be a significant amount of waiting time between each dinner course and before the reception.

Sure, there are plain ol’ advice cards to pass the time, but that’s kind of basic. We wanted something truly unique for our guests. Our amazing DJ at Spicy Meatball Photography helped us brainstorm and we came up with something super cool! Feel free to use our idea, and you can purchase the periwinkle watercolor set here on Etsy.

The Idea
We wanted advice cards that make guests answer specific questions to get the most useful ideas and comments from people. Think about it, you’re sitting at a wedding reception table and there are blank cards laying around that just say “advice.” IF you even fill one out, you probably won’t have much to say. The bride and groom will probably get a ton of cards that say “don’t go to bed angry” and “respect each other” and “stay friends for life…” you know, all the typical advice.

That’s all great, but what if you could get fun recommendations for vacation spots, cool hobbies and date ideas? You would really look forward to reading those. And on top of that, what if the advice was written on a deck of playing cards so you can actually play games with your wedding advice in the future? How fun is that?

The Search
We searched high and low on the internet for such cards and found nothing like what we were looking for. There were a ton of other cool ideas, I also love the fill-in-the blank mad-libs cards like these. But good thing I’m a graphic designer because I was able to create our very own special deck of cards!

The Cards
My husband and I spent a ton of time coming up with questions for what we thought would give us the most useful advice:

  1. What hobby would you suggest picking up?
  2. Give us a fun date idea
  3. Your most memorable vacation and why we should take it
  4. Love you guys but I’ll be honest, I’m here for the… (food, dessert, drinks, other)
  5. What is the secret to a long lasting marriage?
  6. Favorite memory of the bride or groom
  7. One invaluable skill we should learn
  8. What is an important lesson you learned the hard way?

After that, I was able to make the look of the cards match the style of our wedding. Then, I saved the print files and we placed an order of 4 decks of poker cards on and the quality turned out really great. Better than we expected honestly! They did a great job.

Next, we had to purchase a TON of markers. These are the best Sharpies to use and cheapest that we found on Amazon. The best thing to do is place a few sharpies and randomly scatter the cards around at each table. Then, you’ll want to make an announcement before dinner about how special the cards are to you and for everyone to please help fill out EVERY SINGLE ONE. You’ll get a ton of participation this way.

After dinner, assign someone (I chose my personal attendant) to collect all of the playing cards and put them somewhere safe for you. You’ll have the joy of reading them all later and will appreciate your unique advice playing cards for years to come!