Honeymoon Review: Sandals Montego Bay

My apologies for the long hiatus between blog posts here, my husband and I were somewhere much warmer celebrating our honeymoon (hooray!), and then I had design work and wedding invitations to catch up on. It’s been crazy cold here in Wisconsin this February with a record snowfall of over 50 inches in just one month. That’s 43 inches above the average. WOAH. So we were pretty lucky that we chose the perfect time to get out of town for our honeymoon.

Anyways, you’re here to read about our honeymoon, not snow! So here’s how it started. After researching many other tropical resorts and talking with a travel agent, my husband and I decided to go with a Sandals resort for our honeymoon. The adults-only and all-inclusive benefits for the cost made it a winner-winner chicken dinner. The main reason we chose Montego Bay specifically was because we felt we were getting the most for our money there. So, what makes it so great? Here are the ups and downs of choosing Sandals Montego Bay for your honeymoon destination:

The Best Parts

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Short travel time

The flight itself was faster than we expected and getting through customs was fairly quick. It’s only a 4.5 hour direct Delta flight and once you’re in Montego Bay, you just go through a line to scan your passport and then someone looks at it and you’re good to go. Really easy! I was surprised about how little travel time we had. From the airport to the resort was only five minutes and that’s the only time you ever have to worry about tipping anyone so that was awesome.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Service

Everyone was so nice when we were being shuttled to and fro and the staff at the resort were all so accommodating. We received an upgrade our 2nd day there to stay in a nice big honeymoon swim-up suite (below). However, we noticed that the food staff were always a little slow and not as attentive as we’re used to, but it was all-inclusive after all so they weren’t really motivated to work for tips. Plus, it’s just how the relaxed Caribbean life goes, you get used to it!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Room

Beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous, even before we were upgraded. The resort has recently renovated and it shows! There are fun perks like free booze, a fancy shower, and a tranquility soaking tub. After the upgrade, we really enjoyed our stay… the extra large room and the swim-up pool made all the difference! I would recommend asking for upgrades if it’s your honeymoon.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Activities

Any Sandals resort has a number of free activities including snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc. Our favorite was definitely the Hobie Cat Sailboat (below). It was easy to learn and we loved getting a view of the shore from out on the water. The only downside was the really fun stuff was too expensive for us, but we were just there to relax anyways!

The Not So Great Parts

⭐ Close to the airport… too close to the airport

Unfortunately, the worst part about the Montego Bay resort location is that it’s right behind the airport. Literally, you can watch the airplanes take off on the runway. You would think being close to an airport would be nice because of the convenience of getting to and from the resort so quickly… but sadly, it was quite annoying. The flights taking off and landing were SO LOUD that we found ourselves plugging our ears almost every time. At least they stopped around 9pm but just for that reason, we would not go back to this specific resort. Sandals is wonderful and the beach was beautiful, but we would choose a different location next time.

⭐⭐⭐ Food

This category only gets three stars because we weren’t all that impressed with the restaurants there. Yes, there were 10 options, but we had such late reservations since we didn’t book dinners until we arrived at the resort and by then, everything until 8:30pm was full. The food was good and there were a lot of options, it just wasn’t mind-blowingly incredible like we were hoping it to be. The unlimited drinks were one of the best parts (below)!

“Ya, mon!” This is the drink called “The Bob Marley.”

Overall Experience: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 out of 5 stars

This resort was really fantastic overall. As you can see, the positive parts of the trip outweighed the negative by a lot. Plus, we paid around $5,000 for 5 nights which is exactly the national average and we felt like we had a super fun, relaxing, romantic honeymoon. Just what we were dreaming of! We cannot wait to travel together again.

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