When to Mail Your Wedding Invitations

Spring is in the air and summer is on the horizon… Are you approaching your wedding date? Feeling a little frazzled all of a sudden with everything that needs to get done? One of the biggest questions when planning your own wedding is determining how and when to design, print and mail your wedding invitations. Have no fear; Michelle is here! …to help you determine the best wedding invitation timeline.

How Does it Work?

Typically, you want to send invites out to your guests 8 weeks before your wedding date with an RSVP set for exactly one month (4 weeks) before your big day. This means, if your wedding is on Saturday, July 27th, you should be sending your invitations out 8 weeks prior to that around May 31st. Therefore, you need to receive your printed invitations two weeks before that (by May 17th) to give yourself enough time to add special little details (like bows, sparkles, etc.) to the invite before stuffing and addressing the envelopes. This means you need to submit your invitation designs to the printer by May 3rd to allow 2 weeks for printing (leaving room for error just in case reprint is needed).

A Custom Wedding Invitation Designer

Sure it sounds expensive, but it’s really not that bad. Read this blog post to get an idea of the cost to work with a custom wedding invitation designer. Does it sound like you could squeeze a designer into your budget? It’s definitely worth it. Just think of all the stress a designer will save you and imagine how impressed your guests will be. You will have such a professional and classy invite that matches your wedding theme perfectly and is unique to your wedding only, none of that Shutterfly or Minted crap.

If you need to send invites to your guests soon for your summer or fall wedding, you should be contacting a designer ASAP since it’s almost April. However, there is no need to panic, a custom wedding invitation designer can work with tight deadlines. Depending on your vision, a designer will need 2-6 weeks for your invitations. And then, if you choose, another 4-6 weeks after that to finish other printed materials such as programs, name cards and menus. However, the invitations are most important to finish first, obviously, so let’s focus on a timeline for those.


Here are three super helpful charts I created for 2019 and 2020 wedding dates to help you determine when your invites need to be designed, printed and mailed out. Please feel free to share them on Pinterest! Follow @mkrdesignstudios

Not sure where to start or not sure if you have enough time for a custom wedding invitation? MKR Design Studios works with a local print shop and can help get your invites on rush order and delivered to you for mailing to your guests just in-time. All you have to do is contact us and we’d be more than happy to help answer all of your questions!


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