5 Little Essentials for Your Big Day

What are those little items I didn’t think of until the last minute until my big day? Well, I’m here to help you better prepare for yours. You can take it or leave it, but I thought it might be helpful to all the brides out there freaking out about little things you might forget to bring with you on your wedding day.

1. Eye Drops

Do your eyes get red after crying or not sleeping well? Well, both of those things are bound to happen on your wedding day. Unless you’re some sort of cyborg or robot, it’s inevitable that the stress will get to you. Luckily, Clear Eyes Red Eye works wonders! Your tear-filled bloodshot eyes will be pearly white in no time. I would just caution you to only use this brand for special occasions. My eye doctor told me Clear Eyes weakens your blood vessels in your eyeballs…kinda scary! So you just want to be careful not to use them too often. Lumify is a fantastic second choice if you have the option to spend a little bit more. Pricey, but it works just as great and is much healthier for your blood vessels in your eyeballs.

2. Emergency cover up

Girl, I thought I remembered everything. Thought I had enough makeup on to last me the entire day. NOPE. I ended up crying and sweating a lot more than I thought before the ceremony even started. My face was so shiny and I was in a panic. Luckily, my cousin came to the rescue and had some Cover Girl Clean Matte Pressed Powder in her purse and it was like MAGIC. I highly recommend this brand for quick touch-ups. It worked beautifully and my face was shine-free all night.

3. Nail Polish or Press-On Nails

I feel like no matter how many reminders bridesmaids get there will always be someone who forgets something! It’s nice to bring nail polish with you just in case a bridesmaid needs it. Or, in case YOU need it if you accidentally crack a nail. I have found this nail polish is the best bang for your buck: Sally Hansen Color Therapy. It lasts much longer than any other polish brand I’ve tried so far.

Another fantastic option is to go with a fake press-on nail like these Impress nails. To me, they really are the best stick-on nail brand that I’ve tried. I have found that the shiny ones usually last me longer because although the matte ones look really cool, they get dirty way too fast and chip/scratch more easily. The shiny ones usually last me about two weeks if I trim them down shorter. Not to mention they look amazing! I get a ton of compliments whenever I have these on.

4. Hair Spray

Don’t forget to provide this for your bridesmaids! Just like nail polish, someone is bound to forget or need a touch-up. It doesn’t hurt to have a super-hold spray on hand. For my big day, I bought a big bottle of Big Sexy Hair and it held all day wonderfully. The only downside is that it doesn’t smell so nice. My mother introduced me to Moroccanoil hair spray and it is FANTASTIC. It smells so amazing and holds your hair in place all day long. There are different levels of hold so make sure to buy the “extra strong” kind for your wedding day.

5. Signage

That’s right, a lot of people (besides the venue coordinators) might not think of placing directional signage for your guests. In some venues, it may not be necessary. However, I know that whenever I park for a wedding and there are no signs, I am instantly nervous and confused about where to go. Save your guests that stress and contact me to help you create some simple signage that matches the theme of your wedding. You may also want an elegant “welcome” sign in hand-calligraphy. MKR Design Studios is happy to help you with whatever your print needs are whether it’s wedding invitations, menus, programs, table numbers… you name it! I’d be happy to chat.

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